Skrekstore — About


In short, we're doing everything ourselves, because it's fun. The whole supply chain is run by Lars and Theo. "Details!" you demand. Sure, let's tell you a little bit more about how the Skrekstore is operated:


We are designers first and foremost. We see the Skrekstore as a playground to combine and develop our skills and knowledge within product design, graphics, interaction design, and electronics. We even design our own manufacturing processes, to be able to smoothly go from prototypes to finished handmade products.


Most of what you see on the products page is actually hand made, from software to soldered electronics to hand-painted posters. Of course, things that need industry-standard quality, like circuit boards, 3d-printed high-detail casings and eco-friendly tanned leather, are custom made elsewhere. Read up on some of our latest manufacturing updates here!


Skrekstore's products aren't assembled in a sweatshop far far away. Unless you live far far away from Norway, that is. Which statistically, you do. Anyway, manually assembling and overseeing everything lets us make sure it is exactly the way we want it.


When a product is ordered in the Skrekstore, we make an effort to package and ship it as quickly as possible. However, as orders are sent out in batches this might take a couple extra business days. If you have questions regarding shipping or our courier service, please contact us.


Managing and maintaining orders, component stocks, and the web store itself, are also important parts of our job. As you might understand, the Skrekstore isn't the 24/7 machinery of a multi-million dollar corporation, but perhaps a bit more like Santa's workshop.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any inquiries