DockGems are tiny apps for Mac OSX that has a sole purpose of decorating your dock.

You will die

…and don't you forget! Back in the day, the cultured elite used to have symbols of Life, Death and Time by their writing table. Today, the computer desktop is the new… desktop; hence the place to put your Memento Mori collection.

Computational gardening

How about putting some of those dock plots to use? These apps comes with a pre dug hole, gradeA dirt, and carefully selected seeds; creating a nice little Digital Garden. The collection includes Artichoke, Beet and Sunflower.

Feel them radiate

Cure* your ills and aches simply by having these Healing Crystals in your dock area. Positive energy beams out* of the three mystical icons, helping* you with Headaches, Mouse Elbow, and increased Sex Drive

*they're just pixels

Feeling claustrophobic?

Give your apps a breather with this series of four blank spacer icons; Gap, Blank, Null and Void

All apps are Retina ready and are compatible with Mac OSX 10.6 (Snow Leopard) and newer.

Download links will be distributed via e-mail within a couple of minutes after purchase.

Want one?