A shivering bracelet that investigates our perception of 5 minutes.

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5 minutes is
a _____ time

Durr is made to explore how we perceive durations in different situations. By markedly shivering every 5 minutes, it creates a haptic rhythm to make us notice the changing tempo of time.

Time Perception

Time perception perception is our subjective understanding of how fast time passes. Our ability to accurately estimate durations depend on a range of factors.

With Durr you can become aware of how your brain alters the length of a bus ride, how fast you finish a beer, how time flies by when you chat with friends and drags along when you wait in line at the post office.


DURR Beta's chassis and buckle are milled, sandblasted anodized aluminium. The straps are die-cut smooth vegetanned leather. The diameter of the aluminum body measures 38mm, with a height of 8.5mm. DURR includes a replaceable coin cell battery, which lasts about two months.

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This is a second limited edition of DURR, and it comes in a line of 4 new colors with a definite number of each variant.

The colors to choose from are:
Smog, Salmon, Asphalt and Pistachio

Made by us

DURR Beta is in full designed by Skrekkøgle, with all components, functionalities and processes redrawn since our last version; The metal casing gives a solid and durable enclosure, the electronics are built around the Norwegian Gecko 32-bit microcontroller, and the straps are smooth and sturdy Spanish leather. Every DURR is assembled and approved by us.

We're describing the process on our blog. Video documenting our work can be seen below.


No, you can't adjust the time between vibrations. It's ON/OFF only. And it is NOT waterproof. Neither is it completely inaudible, but quite. No DURR is identical and the vibration will slightly differ due to the motors’ inherent variances. Also, the aluminum and leather surface will vary from piece to piece; casings are handmade on a lathe and cows are individuals too.

But they are all good, we’ve made sure of that. Lastly, sorry vegans, we don’t have a non-leather alternative.

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This item is sold out, never to return.