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Philadelphia Museum of Art

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We're proud to announce that DURR Beta is now part of Philadelphia Museum of Art's permanent exhibition! 

It's currently on display in their exhibition "Northern Lights - Scandinavian Design" (till October 4th, 2015), and our piece is together with some veeeeeryyyy prominent company... 


Image courtesy Philadelphia Museum of Art.
Photographer Timothy Tiebout.

DURR Beta = DURR Concluded

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We initially planned that after DURR Beta (and Alpha), there would be DURR [final]. There are still many areas of improvement, some were known (mostly due to volume/ economy) whereby others have revealed themselves during the process. Anyhow, we're 99,5% sure that we won't make more. Ever.

There are several reasons why we're not pursuing the final version, but generally two big ones. First is economy. We're barely net positive on material cost, and this is not counting in the half year of development. Low volume production like this is very expensive and the investments nearly bankrupted us. It's stressful. The other reason is that we want to pursue other projects and ideas. Only dealing with management and manufacturing takes most of the the fun out of making things, plus we learnt a lot of what we wanted from the production process.

Back to topic.
At the time of writing, we have a little more than 300 approved units left in our nest, and those are basically the last to leave the building. 
We really appreciate everyone who bought a DURR; Alpha or Beta - a product that's an experiment in most aspects. Whether our customers understand the premise behind the product, or just buy weird and expensive stuff on a whim is generally unclear to us. Regardless, every order is truly acknowledged, and we really hope all the owners have enjoyed the experience - Tusen takk!



Durr Beta released!

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Phew, we just released the Durr beta last Friday, and the response has been quite good.

We sold out about 1/4 of the whole inventory in a weekend, but it's slowing down now.

It's taken a lot longer than we expected, but we're satisfied with the results.

Here's an ad.



Get one over here!


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DURR has been out n about on the internet most of January. Aaaand yup, the concept's been snagged. It’s not a very big neurological leap of transferring the idea to a phone or a smartwatch. For example, there’s now a Pebble app called "Purr", and an Android app called "Buzz".

Even looks like the company Pebble got *inspired* by our web copy: 


to Pebble's:


DURR is a uncomplicated idea that seemingly transfers well over to these devices. We don’t really agree. If we did, we’d probably made the apps in the first place. This might come across as artsy-fartsy but we feel DURR being a single purpose object is kinda important for the experience. 


"So, how do you guys feel about this???!!"
First of all, we're aware that the concept and execution is minimalistic. And we wouldn’t be surprised if someone has thought about this before or made something similar. But even so, materializing and articulating the concept isn’t necessarily simple. 
That said, we’re a little honored to be ripped off. Stupid and boring stuff doesn’t get ripped off, so we try to take it as a compliment. 

Lastly, we've always had the mindset that if our concepts actually were to be ripped, we wouldn't pursue it. Patents and legal stuff seems so so boring, not to say expensive. We'd rather just move along and make something else. That doesn't necessarily mean that the next person making some "open-source project" of our ideas won't get a juicy lawsuit... FOR BREAKFAST

DURR run #2?

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Well, DURR turned out kinda popular. Niiiiiice. But 50 pieces didn't really cover that demand, did it? Well, this was a test (as stated on the product's page) to see if there were any interest out there. That, and the fact that we're not exactly filthy rich. We can't really risk making 10K of a product and not sell most of it. 

But anyway, what about a second run? From where we're standing, making fifty more doesn't make any sense. Or even a hundred. First of all, because we wouldn't be doing this with a profit. Secondly, we'd like to improve the quality of the Alpha. It works as is, but we've learnt a few things along the way, which would be implemented in a (hypothetical) new version. 

Instead, if we're gonna make more, we'll have to scale. And scaling means redesign - in all components, as well as their production methods; casing, PCB, buckle and strap. And these things take time. And when we're done, who knows, maybe no one want's a DURR anymore. ;_;

So, we're considering, which means doing research and running numbers. Stay tuned!